Bharatiya Ashram, based in the Dudhope Multicultural Centre was established in 1995 to promote benefits for all, but primarily for ethnic minority clients of Dundee and surrounding areas. With an overall objective of improving the quality of life, the Centre runs activities under three themes, Education for all, Health & Wellbeing, Drama & Art.

The Centre provides Adult education classes in Life drawing and still life, language classes, and dance classes such as Bellydance, Bollywood and Indian Classical.  The Centre promotes Asian arts and culture and offers classes in Indian vocal performance and Dance.

On health issues the Centre provides Healthy Eating and Living initiatives, including a South Asian Vegetarian lunch club (every Saturday) , a Chinese lunch club (Tuesdays) and, just started, a Baltic dinner club (every Friday). We also run a small allotment, hold open sessions and talks, and run exercise classes for the community, such as Qi Gong. 

Our rooms are also available for parties such as engagement, wedding receptions etc. There is also available office space. Please contact us for more information regarding charges. 

Our Mission

The Bharatiya Ashram:

  • believes in equal opportunity in race, gender, disability and age
  • is a caring and sharing organisation
  • respects elders in our society
  • strives towards education for all
  • respects diversity in religion and culture

Its objectives are:

  • the advancement of education for all, irrespective of race, gender, disability or age
  • to provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving their conditions of life
  • establishment of a Community Centre and to maintain and manage the same
  • promotion of charitable activities

The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.
— Mark Hyman

Dudhope Community Centre Development

We have obtained a 25-year lease on a large property to increase and extend the charity's existing services. The development has secured the means for the Centre's long-term development plans. The plans are to consolidate current services and provide a focus to increase, expand and introduce a range of support services within a centre which will service multi-ethnic and indigenous communities.

While the centre is open to all, the members hope that this facility will also become a wider ethnic centre, connecting the indigenous community with different cultures. For example, our Development Officer is in discussion with the Chinese and Bangladeshi communities, the Pakistan Society and Eastern European Associations about specific provision for them in the new centre, particularly since some of these communities do not have their own centres or accommodation.

The property has two large buildings connected by a common corridor.

The Dudhope Community Centre Development is fundamentally about changing people's skills, knowledge, abilities, self-confidence, image, relationships and health. The Centre will accelerate delivery of these issues by co-ordinating and developing voluntary skills and input. Our Centre encourages a greater proportion of the indigenous population to participate in Cultural activites. The Centre are also looking into providing surgery services for support groups e.g. Debt Counselling, Health, Pensions, Recruitment and Guidance, Investment and Employment services.