Herbs and Spices for our lunch clubs

Herbs and Spices for our lunch clubs

The Beginning

The DMC has been involved in an important Garden Project with Dundee Urban Orchard that involved all members of the community in building up vegetable boxes, greenhouses and growing our own crops.  Our volunteers have  successfully grown organic vegetables, authentic Chinese vegetables and herbs. All of our produces are used in our lunch clubs and excess vegetables are sold to Centre users.


Our garden was initialy build by using unwanted wooden pallette. The garden consisted in 3 main areas and a mini glasshouse. We have now build concrete raise bed for durability and extended our areas all along the walls of our car park. We are now planting trees, and extend the areas for fruits and vegetables. We also build a raised BBQ area to enjoy our summers.

Bees enjoying Lavender flowers during summer  (Photo credit: Isabelle Colas)

Bees enjoying Lavender flowers during summer (Photo credit: Isabelle Colas)

The Wildlife Project

Pollinators are inportant for all flowering plants unfortunately they are under threat because of the increasing urbanisation. We have started  a new project to increase pollinators in our garden. First we have started to build bee houses using recyling items and we are involving our kids to teach them about the importance of the pollinators. Our next steps would be to plant bees friendly flowers to attracts bees and other insects. We will also start to include birds feeders.

Therapeutic Gardning

(coming in 2019)

After a trauma, or a difficult time in life, it has been demonstrated that activities such as gardening could help to feel happier and get better. We are planning to start a therapeutic gardening activity starting in 2019. If you are interrested and wish some information or have suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.