The role of advisory groups is briefly outlined below and will be reviewed after three years.

·        To advise the Board on the development of services in their area;

·        To assist the Board in implementing policy and strategy (e.g. balance of arts’ programming, how to promote the lunch club to a wider audience);

·        To lead on specific projects, as requested by the Board, and to delegate responsibilities to sub-groups and individuals in respect of these;

·        To assist with monitoring the quality of provision and recommend improvements;

·        To advise on the budget and annual plan for developments in their area;

·        To take part in recruitment of staff

The following are members of the advisory group;

  • Mr Keven Keenan (Chair )

  • Mr. Prabhu Manpuria (DCC Councillor)

  • Mr J.P Hazra (Secretary/Director)

  • Dr Sachi Das (Chair)

  • DMC representatives

  • Police Scotland representatives

  • Dundee City Council representatives

  • MPs

  • MSPs

  • Elected representatives of the communities.